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gifted_kids's Journal

Facing the challenges of rasing GT kids
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Gifted Education
Raising gifted children includes it's own special needs. The aim of this community is to help parents learn the needs of their children as well as to give them a place where they can express themselves with others that understand. In addition to that, there will be tremendous amounts of information on just how you get the various school districts to provide an education that suits the needs of your student.

Gifted students are an at risk, and dramatically undeserved community. While they average around seven percent of the student body population of the United States, some studies estimate that they are upwards of twenty five percent of the dropout rate. They have higher risks for depression, suicide, dating violence, teen pregnancy, dropping out, and even drug and alcohol abuse. All the things that we as parents fear, the gifted child is at a greater risk for. A great deal of the problem for our children is in an education system that fails to address their needs. It's an education system that persists under the delusion of "They're smart. They'll be fine." By creating a test driven educational system, the whole complete needs of our whole complete children are being ignored.

As a former "Highly Exceptional Learner" who's now the parent of another "Highly Exceptional Learner", I've become uniquely qualified to become a voice for these kids. It has become my personal mission to try to change the attitudes of the educational system, to give a voice to children who aren't being listened to, and to help fellow parents navigate the specialized needs of their children.

Please, when you join, introduce yourself. Tell us about your children and a bit of your stories. The more we share our experiences, the more we know we aren't alone out there.